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feels like home: in memoriam. 7 years already. 130808. Lee Seung Yeon abonim 's letter


To: My son Donghae

Donghae-ya, my son Donghae-ya, my dearest son Donghae-ya. Dad is so lucky to have you as my son, and you’ve already become a star. Really a fortune.

You would call me and ask, “Are you doing well? Are you healthy, Dad? And sorry.. I love you <3.”

Donghae-ya, when Dad sees you on television, without knowing I’d put my hand on chest. Maybe it’s because Dad loves our Donghae too much.

Donghae-ya, Dad wanted to tell you that Dad used to dream to be star once. But you grandpa was against it. So I just let go of my dream in Seoul, then brought your mother to Mokpo. After that gave birth to your hyung Donghwa, and you.

I’m really fortunate. Donghwa and you are my sons. I thank God for this.

When you were in Junior High School, you told me your desire to became a singer. Back then you were having fun and learning in the same time, but when you told me about that.. my heart, my feelings, they became so excited.

I stuffed money into your hands, and asked you to go to Seoul. After you left to Seoul, I and your mother prayed. Our tears, as much as our son Donghae. Our son Donghae must succeed. If our Donghae fails, his heart will have a scar. Pray, pray, and pray more.

One day you passed the audition, what a happy day! Dad is so proud of you, really really proud.

And after that our son Donghae went to live in Seoul. A side of me felt happy, but the other one was sorrowful. But I still believe in my son Donghae, since you were full of courage and full of determination.

Just like that, a few years later you really became a star. The first time you won a prize, you were worried about me. You called me and said, “Dad, I’m not crying. I definitely won’t cry. My fans are watching me right now, am I doing it well? In this world, the only one I love the most is Dad, my favorite color is the color of the sea..”

Watching our Donghae in TV, I remembered my childhood’s dream in sudden.

My dearest son Donghae,

When my son Donghae receives the rookie award Dad won’t be able to watch you.. Dad won’t be able to watch you take a home a wife.. And won’t be able to watch my grandson..

But, as long as Donghae has decided on something, it should be the best. Dad will protect you from above, be your support that will never fall.

In the next half of your life, Donghae will be happy.

My son Donghae-ya

I love you

Love you..


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